Famous Drummers and Bio

Keith Moon

(23 August 1946– 7 September 1978)
Keith Moon, best known for being the drummer of the once great rock band The Who. Sadly, he was drunk and high almost all the time and not surprisingly, he overdosed on a drug called Clomethiazole. Years after his death, he was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and is remembered as one of the greatest drummers ever.

Carl Palmer

(20 March 1950- Present)
Carl Palmer, best known for being the drummer in Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (ELP). Carl Palmer helped ELP combine art rock, jazz, electronica, pop rock, and classical music into every one of their songs. Palmer also had a drumset for a couple of his songs that turned around him while he played.

Neil Peart

(September 12, 1952- Present)
Neil Peart, best known for being the drummer of the Canadian based rock band Rush. Besides drumming, he was also the primary lyricist for Rush. Most of his drumming style was influenced by fellow drumming greats Keith Moon and John Bonham and he was also one of the first drummers to use an electric drumset. In 1983, he was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Phil Collins

(30 January 1951- Present)
Phil Collins, best known for being the drummer and back-up vocalist in the band Genesis palying everything from drum-heavy songs to dance-pop songs. After Genesis, he started his own band which was called Phil Collins Band

John Bonham

(31 May 1948 – 25 September 1980)
John Bonham, best known for being the speed demon drummer of Led Zepplin. This English superstar also drummed in Paul McCartney and helped out with the vocals. But, like Keith Moon, John Bonham was a very heavy drinker and smoker. He died of alcohol poisoning when he was only 32 years old. After his death, he was voted the greatest drummer ever by RollIng Stones Magazine beating out fellow drumming greats Neil Peart and Keith Moon.

Ringo Starr

(7 July 1940- Present)
Ringo Starr (real name is Richard Starkey), best known for being the drummer of the Beatles. He is widely refered to as the luckiest drummer in the world beacuse he replaced the Beatles old drummer Pete Best just before they became famous. The most famous drummer from Liverpool not only drummed but, also did a few vocals and wrote a couple of songs for the Beatles. Some of Ringo's awards include an Academy Award, a member of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and he also has his name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Dave Grohl

(January 14, 1969- Present)
Dave Grohl, the former drummer of the great grunge band, Nirvana, and the current lead- singer of the Foo Fighters. He has also had drumming and singing stints with bands such as Them Crooked Vultures, Queen Of The Stone Age, Slash, Tenacious D, and Nine Inch Nails. He started preforming at the young age of 17 years old and is still preforming today at the ripe age of 50 years old.   (1969-

Lars Ulrich

(December 26, 1963- Present)
Lars Ulrich, best known for being the drummer of heavy metal band, Metallica. He lived by the motto, "The Faster, The Better!" Every song he played was some of the fastest ever. This Denmark native was named the greatest musician in Denamark ever!